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Abram & Ebeneze – Hidden Valley

“Anybody can take a picture but it takes a true magician to tell someone’s entire life story in a still frame.

This is what I’ve learnt in our search for a wedding photographer.  While searching through dozens of websites, I was lucky enough to stumble onto Justin & Simone’s lovely site.
The thing that stuck with me is how it felt like I knew each and every bride and groom personally after looking through their wedding albums.  Like we were old friends and they were telling me about their most special day over a cup of tea.
When we look at our wedding photos, we are transported back in time and every moment is brought back to life.  The essence of every person and every moment is captured so perfectly, in such an artistic, yet clean and organic way.  And that is magic.
Not to mention what a treat it was to have Justin and Simone at our wedding.  The are such awesome people and Justin sure knows how to take the edge of the pre-wedding nerves with his rediculous jokes (#pronkvirmy) I’m pretty sure these two will  still be a part of our lives for long after our wedding album gathers dust”