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This guide will help you and you’re partner to get a more clear indication of what you guys love to do together.

A story that makes you guys who you are and completes you as a couple

If it is drinking coffee or going for a hike, these ideas are simply to inspire you and steer you in some direction of what you love doing the most together.




This is a old one, but its stays trendy and makes the most incredible shots. You can never go wrong with the Urban option.

Skyscrapers, architecture and spectacular Views



Nothing gets better than the forrest, not only does it protect you from the sun or rain makes for the most incredible images we can ask for.

If you are leaning more to shoot  anytime of the day, this option is best for you.



One of our favourite locations is to shoot is where it all began

If you perhaps studied here, or you are simply in love with the culture, students or the epic architecture then this place is the best option for you.

Stellenbosch has some of the best spots and light to offer for us as the photographers and you as the couple.





Every one loves coffee & Tea. So this is a very relaxing spot, if not to bussy


Mountain Tops

Okay lets face it, not every town has got a mountain to just drive on and take incredible images.



Yes your home. Inside your own comfortable home or down the road from your place or simply at the closest park

 Thi is a simple and relax way to do a shoot in your comfort zone. The more confetable you are the better the images





This one never fails. Its a great option for a relax romantic feel.